Sunday, September 10, 2006

Taste of the Kingsway

Yesterday we took a little family trip down to the Taste of the Kingsway, which is a street festival held each year in an old-money neighbourhood near us. Amado laughed as he watched his Mom and Dad bite into raw hamburgers and spit them out. (But, this morning, we're still here to tell the story.) For a neighbourhood with so many fantastic resturants, the food offering at this "tasting" festival was sure poor. Just regular stuff, in some cases not even cooked well. We're just lucky we didn't get sick! As Wendy said, we could have found better food than this in any Toronto neighbourhood anytime of the year! Next year we're packing a lunch!

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  1. coopersleuth7:56 PM

    This is how I felt when we dragged home from the desert today!