Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amado's First (Pre)School Picture

This is a picture of a picture, but it's too cute not to post! Don't ask me what was going on with his hair that day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Snapshots I

Random Blackberry snapshots from the last couple months. Just so you know I'm thinking of ya!

Friday, May 07, 2010

The Comfort Maple

This wonder of nature is in my area and I hope to visit it one day!

From Wikipedia:

The Comfort Maple tree is an individual sugar maple (Acer saccharum) located in Comfort Maple Conservation Area in the Town of Pelham, Ontario. The tree is estimated to be about 500 years old. [1] While this estimate is not based upon a complete ring count,[2] if correct, it would make this one of the oldest sugar maple trees in Canada.[3]

The tree is named for the Comfort family, who acquired the land on which it sits in 1816.[4] A township map from later in the 19th century shows the land owned by John B. Comfort [5] and a sign at the site tells visitors that the tree and the land around it was donated to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority on April 30, 1961 by Mrs. Edna Eleanor Comfort.[4]

The tree is 24.5 metres (80 ft) tall and 6 metres (20 ft) in circumference at the base.[1] The tree has been repaired over the years with bricks[3] as well as concrete and guy wires.[4] The conservation area is located at the end of a narrow lane off of Metler Rd. (Niagara Regional Rd. 28) near North Pelham. It is surrounded by farm land. It is just 0.1 hectares (0.25 acres) and has a small parking area and some benches. [1]

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Trucker's Signals

Great post from the cool site, Broken Secrets (which just won a Webby). I'm posting it here for my Mom and Irene who spend a lot of time on the open road. (And for the other 22 visitors my stats tell me still come to my blog each day, though my updating has been rather sorry in the past few months. Thanks for stopping by!)

Truckers usually communicate with each other using citizen’s band (CB) radios, but they communicate with you using headlights, turn signals and trailer lights. In a lot of cases, you probably don’t realize they’re doing it.

The most common signal is used by cars and trucks in oncoming lanes. They will double-flash their headlights when they just passed a police speed trap that you’re heading toward. While this is very helpful, be sure you know your local laws about this, in some places it is against the law.

More than two consecutive flashes from oncoming traffic signals that there is another type of danger ahead, such as a foreign object on the road and drivers should proceed with caution. These two signals are often confused, but the appropriate action is the same, slow down. ...

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