Friday, October 13, 2006

Local Weather

You may have heard that in Buffalo, New York---just 50 miles from our house---there was about 15 inches of snow overnight. But here in Toronto there has been nary a flurry (though I saw a couple of flakes yesterday afternoon). In fact, it's still storming in Buffalo this morning, but here on the other side of the lake, it's cold, but sunny. That's fine we us. We love snow, but we got things to do, such as find warm winter outfits for Mijo Amado!

The cool activity drawing above comes from this funny blog.


  1. 15 inches of snow in October.

    Can anyone say, GLOBAL WARMING?

    (Sorry, didn't mean to ba a downer so ealry in the day...)

  2. It may be global warming, or cooling, or it may just be that Buffalo is one freaky town.