Friday, December 28, 2007

23 Months Old!

We're overjoyed that Amado is over his bout with the flu or whatever it was that he had. The last couple of days have seen some big changes:
  • He's abandoned the bottle for the sippy cup
  • The high chair is out, replaced by a booster seat at our dining room table
  • We got him his own little table and chair set for Christmas (bright red!), where he can colour, build Legos, spin his tops, and generally hold court
  • Today was his last day at Kids + Co. I so wish there was some way we could have let Amado know he was leaving so he could have said goodbye to his friends, Jack, Parsa, Emma, and Emily. Annie, his favourite teacher, cried when we picked him up and gave us a little present...which nearly made us cry as well. He starts at Novus on Jan. 2.

He is getting big fast, but he`s still our little boy.


  1. What a chipper shot! Happy 23 months, Amadisto! I'm so glad you're better. I am sad too about Kids+Co. I've loved watching the Booj on their webcam. I'll really miss that. Any place that has posters of Martin Luther King on its walls though has got to be a great place.

  2. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Love the picture- what a smile! So glad everyone is healthy- it was our turn to get sick over the holidays- one by one and different things...
    but enough of that, Happy New Year to one of my favorite families!