Monday, December 17, 2007

Huckabee Fin

If you want to know some of the reasons why Mike Huckabee would not make a good president, this 11-page article in The New York Times Magazine lists about a billion of them, starting right on page 1:

Huckabee is an admirer of the late Jerry Falwell (whose son, Jerry Jr., recently endorsed his candidacy) and subscribes wholeheartedly to the principles of the Moral Majority.


  1. Sadly, that endorsement alone, and Huckabee's admiration will be regarded by many as reasons WHY he WOULD make a GOOD president ... and that alone is kind of frightening

  2. Thanks, Aaron. I was just about to sign on the dotted line. This has saved me. I didn't read the entire 11 pages but enough to note that on page 3 Huckabee ordered crutons on his salad. Talk about toying with the devil.