Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cold Weather Update

Frozen hair isn't that bad. Mine froze this morning while walking to the bus stop from my mechanic's place. It was crispy. It's been so cold here the last couple of days (currently it is -11F). Tonight even the temperature sign at the local mortuary was frozen solid. The city has been hauling away the snow in trucks, because there is no way it will melt at these temperatures and we have run out of places to put it all. This morning, after dropping Amado off, Wendy and I nearly slid into four lanes of rush hour traffic from a side street, where there is still a lot of ice and snow. Snow's ok, but I'm getting tired of it being really, really, really cold. It makes a little hard to go outside.

(Picture above from the folks at, who appear to be stranded in Antarctica and experiencing a bit of cabin fever.)

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  1. I can't even compute the idea of frozen hair.