Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Update

1. Gun Moll: In 1972, after watching the movie, Bonnie and Clyde (above, the real deal), I raced around the streets on my bicycle for a couple of weeks wearing a beret and a scarf tied around my neck playing cops and robbers. Of course, I imagined I was Bonnie. I don't know where that came from, though it was hard to miss the fact that she had a killer instinct for fashion.

2. Family Day: As a reward for voting him into a second term as Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty gave the people of Ontario a new holiday, Family Day, which was celebrated today for the first time. There was widespread confusion in Ontario about what we were supposed to do on Family Day, but as for my family, we celebrated quietly, exchanging family heirlooms and enjoying a family dinner while sitting beneath the family tree.

3. Weather Update: We're having a great winter this year, with tons of snow and some bitter cold temperatures. As a native Californian, I still find the Canadian winter exotic and totally exciting. Of course I live in an apartment and don't have to set my alarm clock to dig my car out in the morning. I also live very close to my office and don't have to spend a couple extra hours commuting on snow days. However, I do spend an extra half-hour getting our two-year-old dressed every day, including snowpants, snowboots, scarfs, mittens, hats, etc. You don't have to do that in LA, now do you.

4. Spring is Coming.... And I've got two field-level tickets to the Blue Jays opening home game vs. the Red Sox on April 4. Oh yeah.

5. Oscars: We watched Juno the other night on DVD (I know it's not out yet, but we have our sources). It's a really, really sweet movie and I loved it. But I can't see it winning picture of the year, though of course I don't keep up with the movies so I have no idea what it's up against.

6. Beans: I may have had one too many double tall lattes at Starbucks this afternoon.


  1. Christina9:13 PM

    Hey! We'll be at the opener too!

  2. Anonymous10:12 PM

    yo yo bonnie..i mean aaron...i like the update..always interesting to read you senor.

  3. Hi Christina, That's great! Let's try to connect!

  4. I'm just wondering about those heirloom exchanges nestled beneath the boughs of the family tree. You haven't seen my silver and turqoise ring from the 60s, have you?!

  5. I'd love to have opening day tickets to any baseball game. I've been to opening day at Dodger Stadium once. It was awesome, except the boys in blue lost.