Thursday, March 13, 2008

Snow Record in Sight

Toronto only needs 20 cm (7.8") more to break the record snowfall of 207 cm (6' 7") for a season, set in 1938/39. There is more snow predicted for Thursday, a couple days next week, and a couple more times later in March... C'MON, WE CAN DO IT! We've had 187 cm (6' 1") so far.

UPDATE: The snow forcast for Thursday only turned out to be a dusting. So we're still waiting.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Nothing yet. In fact, the past two days have felt semi-positively spring-like. I think the temperature almost made it out of the 30sF for the first time since late November!


  1. I have faith. I know you can do it! See my related comments at

  2. Anonymous10:49 PM

    C'MON here in the desert are sweating it out with anticipation !!!

  3. Okay, you've kept us in suspense long enough! Did you guys break the record or what??

  4. That's a lovely photo. How many days does Toronto have to try and break its own record.