Thursday, May 25, 2006

Heading East / Mexican Pictures

As far as blogs go, I'm just a kid splashing around in the shallow end, while this guy's swimming the deep blue sea.

Four things Raul Gutierrez reminded me of:

1) the life you find at the end of the road may be your own
2) if you seek beauty, it will find you
3) every day of life deserves a well-told story
4) I need a way better camera

Beautiful writing. Beautiful photography. Beautiful baby. From Brooklyn and way beyond. I've read it "cover to cover" and I urge you to do the same. This blog will change the way you see things.

Heading East (blog)
Mexican Pictures (photoblog)

Here are some of my favourite entries from among many good ones:


Grover Cleveland Service Plaza

Notes to Self 28 Years Later

Other Lives

The aptly named Stung Treng

Staten Island Ferry

The Undivided World

Ballon Man

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