Monday, May 29, 2006

Local News

1) There was a wildcat strike of the Toronto transit system today (unlike in the States, today was not a holiday). Literally millions of people were stranded without warning. I'm not sure of the issues involved, but the point was certainly made.

2) Today's temperature with the humidity in Toronto was 107F / 41C. Yes, 107F. Plus there was a smog alert of the highest level. All in all, a nice day for a walk...perhaps even a walk to work...and back.

3) Amado's talking! ...and his first word was "Ohhhhh." At least that's the sound he makes, imitating us when we coo over him. It's a start anyway.

4) Wendy has an issue with the pictures of Amadisto in the post below ("Four Months Old!"). She says he looks fat and bored. She reminds me the camera adds 10 pounds. She wonders why I don't post a cuter picture of him at four months old. Honey, I'm just posting 'em like I see 'em.


  1. and...wendy also sounds really obnoxious and body consious!!!
    that is not right nor what she was wanting to get across!!!!

  2. aaron ... if the humidity is where you say it is - Wendy's is probably just a little crusty (sweaty, but crusty) ... tell her that the wee guy is simply ADORABLE in any picture I've seen of him ... you two should just be proud parents and enjoy the journey - trust me, of this I know ... blessing to all,
    rev. shawn

  3. Thanks Shawn. The idea of one being both "crusty and sweaty" brings some funny images to mind. By the way, Wendy wrote the quote above...I wouldn't call her obnoxious! -Aaron

  4. I wouldn't call Wendy obnoxious - though as her friend, I've seen her dance delicately along that line periodically ... though I still wouldn't say it !!!! (he he)
    Keep up the good work you do on the blog and within this UCC of ours - both help give me hope ...