Monday, May 29, 2006

King and Queen of the Hippies

You people have got to see this....

Katie's mom thinks we look like a rock stars, but I don't know. Maybe I look like a coiffured rock star. They had those in the 80s right? I think I look more like the wanna-be cosmic mystic artist that I was back then. Katie looks great though, as always.

Go to Katie's blog (the May 29 entry) to see the full-size picture. It's worth it. One of my favourites of all-time! The year was likely 1988. (By the way, we are standing in front of one of my favourite paintings that I did in the 80s. And the photo itself was taken by my artistic Mom. Great job Mom!)

Here's the link:

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  1. Aaron, you ARE a rock star! And Amado looks totally rad in his t-shirt! My love to you and Wendy. Tell her to come stay with me in New York for a few days, I'll let her sleep!