Thursday, February 02, 2006

Play your prayers...

Cultivating a spiritual environment....for my child, my wife, and myself---as well as for the rest of you, as I hope you're also doing for us.

Sometimes the only way to get a new perspective is to put the headphones on and watch one of your favourite music DVDs at full concert volume. This is a screen shot from Santana's "Sacred Fire: Live in Mexico" (1993). It's a great video of Santana before the Supernatural hey-days, when Carlos was making amazing music even if he wasn't in the spotlight of the mega-music industry. Better, more spiritually connected music in my opinion.

Amado, Wendy, and I are all doing better today. Hints at patterns developing, trust building, and awareness rising. Not to mention Wendy's milk has started to arrive. Now that really changes everything.

Here's some corresponding info:

Here's a blog that I haven't read too much of yet, but it looks very interesting. I stumbled upon it and it gave me the idea to break out the Sacred Fire DVD:

And, at the risk of self-promotion, here is the link for the interview I did with Carlos Santana in the same year as Sacred Fire (1993):

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