Thursday, August 31, 2006

End o' Summer Round Up

1) I guess it's not officially the end of summer yet, but it sure feels that way these days. In Toronto the weather has cooled down considerably. Our project is entering a new phase at work and a lot of other folks in the office are coming back from their long summer breaks. Amado's getting ready for his first day of school (just kidding!) and I'm trying to figure out what we're going to do with all our plants on the balcony before the first frost hits. I've lived here for about seven years now (on and off), but I am still amazed at how fast and dramatic the change of seasons is. Before you know it I will be blogging about all the snow.

2) Bob Dylan has a new album out, Modern Times, which this reviewer in Slate calls "his best album since Blood on the Tracks (1975)." That's really saying something, since Dylan's last two albums, Time Out of Mind (1997) and Love and Theft (2001) were truly amazing and some of his best work ever in a lot of people's opinions. Modern Times is at the top of my list to hear.

3) I guess that's it for now. As you might guess from the last couple weeks of skimpy (but deceptionally deep) posts, I've been really busy and haven't really had much time to spend on this ol' blog. I'm not sure if this situation will improve soon, but thanks for sticking with me anyway! Peace.

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