Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Greetings from Thunder Bay!

Yes, I'm still here. Everything here is going fine, though we've really been on the run most of the time. Yesterday our team did escape to Kakabeka Falls, which is 30km outside of Thunder Bay. It was really nice, but guess who forgot his camera! (The photo above is from the web.)

Our major presentation on Tuesday evening went fine, though our presenters Keith and Lesley felt constrained by the technological limitations and trying to connect with 800 people in an airplane hanger. Now we are waiting for the vote on Friday. Meanwhile we have had a lot of interest from folks about how they can get involved in our project, as well as some questions about various aspects of it. Overall, it seems the ads, website, and training events we have put forward are being very well received.

Here is an article about our project that appeared in the Canadian press. The reporter didn’t quite get all of the facts right (e.g. is not a “proto-type” of Emerging Spirit’s web outreach effort, but simply a site to share information about the campaign), but this article still offers a good overview of the work and background of the Emerging Spirit initiative:

United Church Turns to Web to Reach Non-Churchgoers
"The United Church feels it has the right mix of policies - openness, welcoming those with various sexual and relationship preferences, and an approach that challenges traditional teachings - that this group (30-45 year olds) should find appealing."

Also, here is link to an interesting blog from one of the young ministers who has helped plan and lead the event. Check it out!

Inner Dorothy

p.s. I miss my baby and my wife!

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  1. coopersleuth11:25 AM

    Good job, Aaron! You do great work and yes, we miss your baby and your wife too! (Maybe Wendy can post a picture?) ;-)