Monday, August 28, 2006

Generation ADD

For those feeling overwhelmed by the numerous technological devices (email, blackberries, cell phones, blogs, etc.) demanding your attention---you are not alone.

Esther Dyson, who is called an "Internet pundit," is not sanguine about the societal implications of all this.

"I worry about something I call Mental Diabetes Type 2 - a lack of ability to think deeply and in a concentrated fashion over a period of time. We're getting a diet of empty information calories that's over-processed, over-sugared, too bite-sized and way too appealing."

Dipchand Nishar, who oversees Google's wireless efforts, adds: "We had Generation X and Generation Y. Now we have Generation ADD."

Here's the link, but you don't have to check it out. You can turn off your computer and pick up a book, play with your baby, or take a walk or something. The choice is yours....or is it? Have we lost control?

Do You Answer Your Cell Phone During Sex?

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