Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Moon Unit Has Landed

Amadisto seems to be mastering all his toys at a rapid rate, so Wendy went out and found this baby entertainment center for him to try out. Like almost everything these days, we were required to build it ourselves. I took one look at the instructions, which were written in an artistic intermingled jangle of English, French, and Spanish; and decided that I would have to save this project for the weekend.

But then Wendy and her friend Liz had the sudden inspiration to build it themselves and they did a great job! Amado was a bit frightened by the contraption at first, but now he likes it and will play in it as long as his little legs can hope him up. It's so cool.


  1. coopersleuth11:35 AM

    The mad scientist!

  2. wow! you guys make really cute babies. hope you're well, going to try and read some of your musings, but please give Wendy my love.