Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Los Lonely Boys

I've been listening to Los Lonely Boys new album for a couple of days now. They have a beautiful blues sound they call "Texican," but us old timers would call "puro Chicano." After I heard their first album (Los Lonely Boys, featuring the hit "Heaven") I described LLB as sounding like the love child of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Carlos Santana who was raised in the house of Los Lobos.

Los Lonely Boys' first album holds a lot of emotion for me and helped get me through some tough times, so it's hard to top it, but Sacred is a good album too. They've added keyboards and horns to their foundation of guitar, bass, drums, which sounds nice and gives the music some more weight. But, like their first album, Sacred still has a little too much pop sound for me. They write some nice hooks, but Los Lonely Boys are blues players and shine brightest on loose instrumental jams like "Onda" from their first album.

Los Lonely Boys are best live. I saw them open for Santana last year and they kicked ass (sorry, no other way to put it). After their set they came back for a long blues jam with Carlos on "Boogie Chillen," the John Lee Hooker tune. It was truly amazing. Orale boys.

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