Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Trails to You

I'm getting ready to head to Thunder Bay, Ontario for the General Council meeting of The United Church of Canada. Emerging Spirit, the project I've been working on will be presenting plans for our big national initiative. I should have Internet access there, so you may see some blogging from me, but posts will be irregular for the next two weeks or so.

I've just received a notice from the airlines that due to the current security concerns, no liquids, gels, or balms will be allowed on my flight. Looks like I will be brushing my teeth with baking soda, just like ol' Trigger did when he and Roy were stuck out on the borax flats.


  1. coopersleuth9:16 AM

    Have a great presentation! We'll be thinking about you out here in California very near the flats! Love Mom, Irene, Annie Bones and Topper, (that's Hopalong's horse)
    (p.s.Maybe they have toothpaste in Thunderbay?)

  2. Toothpaste in Thunder Bay? I did not think of that. It's probably a good idea I buy some though, as my chemistry is all wrong.

    Trigger and Roy would not have found baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3) on the Borax Flats, but (of course) borax (Borax decahydrate (Na2B4O7 • 10H2O). However, borax would probably clean the heck out of your teeth!


  3. Aaron:
    Thunder Bay may seem like the end of the universe for one immersed in TO culture ... but trust me - there is a whole country beyond it, and it gets better as you move west ...

    Last time I was through Thunder Bay had drug stores - you might have to barter with some furs, but you can get what you need !! he he he ...