Wednesday, August 09, 2006


How to Listen to Boleros

visit abuelo
steal his 78's
find a busted up
that plays
out of one speaker
carry it home

on a rainy day
hang your hammock
from two leafless trees

pour three fingers
of dark rum
into a clear glass
sip slowly

dressed in a wrinkled
linen guayabera
one hand raised in the air
the other pressed to your chest
and cry

by Sami Miranda
© Sami Miranda 2005. All rights reserved.

I love this poem.

You can read more of Sami's poems here and here.

In the mid-90s I was a volunteer with Sami Miranda at DC Barrio Unidos, which was the Washington chapter of Barrios Unidos, the gang intervention organization.

You can read a couple of articles I wrote about Barrios Unidos here and here.

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  1. coopersleuth2:25 PM

    This is the kind of poem that gets me out to my writing room, organic passion coupled with broken speakers... I love it! Thanks...