Monday, June 19, 2006

Back in Black

Ok, I think everything is back up and running. I figured out the wireless business with the kind help of the support staff at D-Link. It seems to be happening---though I don't think the security is totally set yet. Perhaps my neighbours are enjoying free Internet on my tab. I don't know. I fixed the Acrobat problem too (I think), by just uninstalling it, but that seemed to mess some other things up further. Then Wendy's CD player stopped working. And I think there may be trouble with our car (but I hope NOT!). Then Edmonton lost the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

What the tar-nation is going on around here? Sunspots or something?

Anyway, I'll try getting back to the blogging and see what happens....

1 comment:

  1. coopersleuth9:10 AM

    You look very much like part of an ABC News crew on location in some ominous part of the world, (Manitoba?) Your lives also sound like a Stephen King novel. Don't turn on the garbage disposal and stay off your balcony!