Sunday, June 18, 2006

Death by Wireless

My computer and I have finally been kicked out of the baby's room and it's a major disaster...for me anyway. For two days I've been trying to set up a wireless network in our apartment, since the new location for the computer doesn't have a working phone outlet anywhere near it. I fussed and huffed all day yesterday and inadvertently hacked into many of my neighbours' wireless connections (they are surprising easy to get into---in fact, I am not sure now whose Internet connection I am using!). This morning I finally got a "100% signal detected" sign, but alas, my computer programs do not seem to recognize this at all. After more messing around, I also seemed to wack other parts of my system out as well. Now, everytime I click a link the computer tries to configure Acrobat 7 for about three minutes. What a headache!

So now if I'm not able to blog as frequently you will know why. Our normal home email is out too, so if you want to reach us, just leave a comment here and I will get it when I log in from somewhere else or sneak in on someone else's wireless.

However, my son now has his very own room! Go crazy kid!

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