Thursday, June 15, 2006

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I was in Winnipeg for a couple of days. It's a really nice prairie city, located several hundred miles north of Minneapolis (here's a map for my American friends who aren't quite sure.) We had beautiful weather while we were there---nice and hot without any of the humidity we so often have in Toronto. The fabled Winnipeg mosquitoes (" big as bats!") were also nowhere to be found.

Living in Toronto, and before that Washington, D.C., it's easy to forget that a big city can still be both sophisticated and sweet. While Winnipeg certainly has its hard edges, it still has (to me) a small-town-like friendliness that is very welcoming. Housing is affordable, yards are big, and it would be great place to raise kids. It's also very diverse and has great activist and arts communities. These facts were pointed out to me more than once by the enthusiastic, self-deputized members of the Winnipeg Welcome Wagon I was hanging out with.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to make the leap to the prairies, and I think it would be even more difficult to convince Wendy of Winnipeg's wonders. But I can say that it felt like more than just a nice place to visit. Among cities, Winnipeg could even seen as a sign of hope.


  1. coopersleuth9:16 AM

    Big yards, affordable housing AND artists??? Sounds great! Plus it's only 2,266 miles from Santa Cruz! (I like the sign, reminds me of Southern Ca in the 50s and 60s) Mom

  2. try some of the outlying communities in Manitoba - even more affordable, and even nicer to raise kids ... the only down side is the minus 40 winters ... but, hey - the sun shines most of the time in the winter, so you don't get SAD from lack of sun ...

  3. Its very refreshing to read a positive comment about Winnipeg... so thank you!!! So many people complain about winnipeg... my question is... why are they here then!? I'm glad you were able to experience the "pleasantries" our humble city has to offer!