Friday, June 30, 2006

All Laughs

Amado had his first craniotherapy treatment today, part of the continuing work on some of the issues caused by the long labour, the position he took against Wendy's pelvis during the birth, and the suction it took to get him out (even though the birth was by c-section). That probably all sounds worse than it is. In short, he has a flat spot on the left side of the back of his head, which has effected the range of movement of his neck. It's really gotten a lot better in the last two months with the stretches we've been doing with him and now that he can roll over on his own.

Alix the craniotherapist worked on his head for about an hour today and Amado slept through the whole thing. That's how gentle it was. It was all very meditative and felt very healing for all of us I think. (The craniotherapy centre was like a Santa Cruz- and Guelph-type oasis hidden away in the heart of Toronto's club district, which is very quiet until about 12:00 a.m.) Amado emerged from the experience almost giddy (Wendy called him "drunk"). We had a blast when we got home, with all three of us rolling around on the bed laughing.

Alix said she got a lot of work done on Amado, though of course he looks the same to me. I don't think the results are the kind you can see right away, but are more long-term effects. Holding Amado while Alix worked on him made me want to get some craniotherapy done myself...though I'm not sure why. Amado was just so relaxed and it looked very comforting to have somebody touch your head with so much tenderness for so long. Mmmmm.

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  1. coopersleuth2:31 PM

    Funny...craniotherapy effects me the same way. Our response must be genetic!