Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Big Gnasher

This little guy enjoys putting anything in his mouth and gnawing viciously on it. He's trying to gnash on his back gums, where we see some white spots, but no real teeth. We thought he was teething a couple of weeks ago in the front, but there's still no sign of anything. He's now at the point where he spends a lot of time trying to gnash on his feet. They are especially attractive to him if he has colourful socks on.

Amadisto had his 2nd round of vaccinations today. He was more upset by the fact that we woke him up than because he had a needle jabbed into each of his thighs.

He's a very comical little fellow, but Wendy said he was a little shy in his first parent/child group earlier today. He is very precious.

Be sure to click on this photo to see it full size. You will see what I mean.


  1. Wendy McCarroll Gallegos7:16 PM

    But there are so many better pic's of the cute bunny! why this one?
    A possibly vain mother of Amadisto-that is me-Wendy xoxoxo

  2. coopersleuth10:27 PM

    Welp..with a grandmotherly's long distance vision I'd say he's a mighty handsome chap! ;-) Coop in California

  3. Are you making a subconscious connection between the wee one and the dinosaurs???

    Hmmmm, having been through it three times I can see the connection, though I think a parasaurolophus is a bit tame for what children can be like !!! (he he he)
    You little guy remains adorable - even if he is viciously chewing ... I enjoy watching him grow via you blog. Thanks Aaron - our love to all.