Friday, June 09, 2006

Show Your Colours!'s World Cup time! Viva Mexico!!!

There was an article in the paper yesterday which called Toronto the city that can't lose the World Cup, since there are so many people here from so many different places around the globe. The World Cup starts today and you already see lots of cars driving around town displaying the flag of their team....I've seen a lot of supporters of Croatia, France, Greece, and Brazil. But, at least on this side of town, it's Portugal that gets the most votes by far.

I find it funny that Toronto is called the city that can't lose, though since Canada did not qualify for the World Cup in a sense the city has loss already. But folks don't think about it like that here.

June 11: Mexico 3 - Iran 1
June 16: Mexico 0 - Angola 0 [this is wonderful for the Angolans, terrible for the Mexicans]
June 21: Mexico 1 - Portugal 2 [even though Mexico lost this one, they are headed into the 2nd round with a tenuous record of 1-1-1. Good enough for the group they were in, but they have to face Argentina next, who looks very strong.]
June 24, 2nd Round: Mexico 1 - Argentina 2 double overtime [Mexico out of the World Cup -- que triste!]

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