Sunday, June 11, 2006

L.A. Noir

I hesitate to say that I am fascinated with the "L.A. Noir" stuff from the 1940s and1950s. I hesitate because it's gruesome, sensationalized stuff, with the majority of victims being women and children who were attacked by their drunken husbands and fathers. It's even worse that it's true.

But the truth may be the part that I am fascinated most by. This was the Los Angeles all four of my grandparents lived in, and---so family rumour goes--there was at least one of them who lived this time on the wrong side of the law (I am still investigating this). But a lot of my time searching the websites on this topic is to look for names of my family. I haven't found anything yet, but hey, you never know.

On this unkept blog devoted soley to L.A. crime, murder, and mayhem in the year 1947, I did find out that a wild boar was stalked and shot just a block from the house where we would live in Whittier just 25 years later. Interesting, very interesting.

You can check it out here (see May 2005 for the boar story):

The blogsters researched crimes and other incidents from 1947, then went out and documented what the location looked like in the present day. Very interesting if you happen to know these neighbourhoods.

Very creepy too.

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