Saturday, July 01, 2006

O Canada

Today is Canada Day. I'm not usually the type who pays much attention to the artificial boundaries of nation states (unless it has to do with the World Cup or the World Baseball Classic), but I have to say that I am proud to live in Canada, even though I'm not a citizen yet.

Canada is certainly not a perfect country (those born here tend to see this more clearly than I do), but in many ways it is trying to take steps in the right direction---such as offering health care for all, legalizing gay marriage, being open to immigration, being cautious about participating in the "war on terror," and many other things.

Perhaps these positions can be taken because Canada only has a population of about 30 million people and it is so rich compared to many other parts of the world. I think sometimes people here don't recognize the pressures and real dangers that people in other countries (including the United States) face which causes them to take the positions they do. But there is also something deep within Canada culture and heritage that compels us to err toward compassion in every area except the hockey rink. This tendency is eroding as Canada becomes ever more Americanized and complex, but at least from my perspective it is still pretty strong. This year, I hope to take the step to full citizenship and make a commitment to "stand on guard" for Canada and help build a culture of even greater kindness.

Did you know I will have to take an oath to Queen Elizabeth? Yes, it's true.

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  1. coopersleuth2:21 PM

    Dear Immigrant Boy...Happy O Canada Day. Our's is coming of course on Tuesday and it's usually marked by little neighborhood warzones disguised as 4th of July Potlucks complete with Missle Launchers and Cherry Bombs! (p.s. I've heard Queen Elizabeth can be very kind to some people) ;-) Mom