Monday, July 17, 2006

Four Seasons

This week it's been one year since we moved into our place. Having grown up in California, having four distinct seasons is one of the most exotic things about living in Toronto. Many of the old timers say that even here in Toronto the seasons aren't what they used to be. Could global warming be muting the seasonal differences? Apparently in Canada's far north global warming is having a serious effect. In Toronto I already notice the seasonal changes aren't as dramatic as when I first moved here. I hope it's just a short-term trend and not a sign of permanent environmental damage. It would be a terrible loss.

Above: One year of our views, clockwise, from top left: Spring, Winter, Summer, Fall

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  1. coopersleuth7:16 PM

    We just saw "An Inconvienent Truth" at the Nic downtown Santa Cruz. Indeed the trend will not be "short term" unless we all take global warming seriously. I urge everyone to see this film. Al Gore does a great job (and don't worry, he's much more relaxed then when running for the presidency). A meticulously well put together documentary. Scary, but then it has to be...