Sunday, July 30, 2006

Qana, Lebanon

1) Qana, Lebanon. Today more than 50 civilians were killed, including at least 37 children, when the building they were taking shelter in was bombed.

2) Condi Rice says she is filled with "deep sadness over this tragic loss of life." She should be, since she could have stopped the Israel attack on Lebanon with just a word.

3) Israel says this was, sadly, a mistake.

4) Some Canadian-related mistakes by the Israeli Defense Force in the past weeks: 7 Canadian tourists, all from the same family, killed when they were bombed while trying to escape Southern Lebanon. 1 Canadian U.N. Observer killed when the IDF bombed a U.N. Observation post. Still, Canadian leader Stephen Harper continues to support the military action. He seems to do whatever Bush wants him to do.

5) This isn't the first time people taking shelter in Qana have been bombed by the IDF. In 1996, a UN refugee centre in Qana was destroyed by the IDF, killing more than 100 civilians taking shelter there. I warn you, DO NOT do a Google image search about this. You will not like what you find.

6) Qana is considered by many to be the site where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water to wine.

7) Hold your baby close to you.

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