Saturday, July 22, 2006


As all the nations struggle to get their citizens out of Lebanon, what about the Lebanese themselves?

Sojourners editor Jim Rice offers an excellent column on the crisis and what folks can do. Go to the original to read the whole thing in context, which is more nuanced than this excerpt I've selected:

"....But Israel's use of military attacks in response to acts of terror raises many questions. The most important, perhaps, revolves around the issue of legitimate self defense vs. collective punishment. Israel is indeed surrounded by sworn enemies, including many who are demonstrably willing to violently destroy Israel. But does the real need for security justify the massively disproportionate response to an act of terror? Is the collective punishment of an entire population ever morally and ethically justified?...."

Above: Scenes from Lebanon. A woman flees on the road to Syria. A man surveys the damage.

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