Sunday, July 16, 2006

First Cousin Once Removed...

...and now replaced.

Cousin Geoffrey (who is actually Wendy's cousin and "first cousin once removed" to Amado) stopped by on his North American tour and spent the night on Friday. We had a great Indian dinner, a fantastic Canadian breakfast (complete with soy sausage --- "good for the heart, eh"), and a lot of just plain fun. It is so great to see him after several years in Korea teaching English, where, sadly, he's returning to in a couple of weeks. (Our, Canada's loss.) Suffice to say we would love it if he came back for good, but no pressure man.

Bonus Post
Cousin Geoffrey Fun Fact #1:
In the early 90s, Geoffrey was once a member of a band called "The Condiments" which caused the girls to swoon throughout Hamilton's Hess Village. And, no, they didn't play salsa.

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  1. Oh my gawd! I remember The Condiments from my undergrad days in Hamilton! Didn't they have one other guy in the band? A sort of weedy, lanky guy who played the spoons or the rhythm pole or something? Me and my sorority sisters used to frug to The Condiments crazy beats and words every other Thursday nights at Hamhocks Hideaway! If you ever talk to that Korean guy again ask him if he remembers throwing his drum sticks into the crowd one night and almost taking out a poor girl's eye. I still have the scar.