Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Please Note

1) Hamid Sardar
I'm on the run again today, but I thought the least I could do is share some utterly amazing photographs of Hamid Sardar (Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Tibet), again via one of my favourite blogs, Heading East.

2) Miss American Pie
There's a nice review in The New York Times of Margaret Sartor's diary, Miss American Pie, which records her teenage years in Louisiana through the early 1970s. It may just be a book geared for the blog-era when otherwise sane people believe that the daily noting of life's minutiae is somehow important or meaningful (um, see below), but nevertheless the review includes samples like this which caught my eye:

"At dinner, Daddy said, 'I'm confident life will never be dull for you.' Then he gave me a calculator."

3) Goooooool!!!!!!
I just caught the overtime periods of the World Cup game of Italy vs. Germany yesterday. The Italian goals to win it in the final minutes were totally exhilarating and a perfect example of why millions of people around the world love the intense tension-and-release of the game of soccer. St. Clair Street in Toronto has been shut down most of the night with celebrations. Viva Italia!

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