Friday, July 21, 2006

Taco de Ojo

I could list the errors in this taco hunting story, but why bother? (Ok, just one: Pico Union can only be considered "across town" from East LA if you're running from a bunch of vatos who are trying to jump you.) It still does a decent job covering just a tiny sampling of the taquerias on the California that's my idea of a dream assignment! The reporter missed Tacos Morenos in Santa Cruz, which is the real deal. But Taqueria Vallarta isn't bad either. I keep hoping to find just one great taqueria in Toronto, but no luck so far. The reporter even discovers a taqueria in Pescadero! (What is this, "Pescadero Week" on Alma's Soulfood?)

Here's a clip from The New York Times article:

Having barebacked it sans gringo toppings all the way from Los Angeles, I decide to indulge my American peccadilloes and load them up with guacamole, sour cream and cheese. In the Mission, this is called the “super taco.”

Three carnitas are placed neatly shell to shell. At first blush, San José’s, filled to the breaking point with rice and beans, looks doomed. La Taqueria’s is clearly the looker — fresh ingredients folded gingerly into a wax paper pocket. But scraping aside the mound of rice on the San José taco, I am blown away. The pork is charred perfectly — crispy on the edges, with a center so sweet it brings a tear to the ojo.

The photo above comes from a taco blog, which covers the "Los Angeles Taco Scene":

Yes, we taco lovers are that into it.


  1. Will someone please pipe up if they know of any great tacos here in Neuva York? I've only been looking for the past 17 year!. Also, Aaron, I thought the place in Santa Cruz was called Tacos Morenos? My error?

  2. ...yes, I think you're right...see how long it's been since I've been there! I'll change it.

    Taco in NY? Hmmmm.

  3. coopersleuth8:13 PM

    As long as we're listing errors, is it my error or, Aaron, was there a different taco picture on your blog this am? And, yes, Katie and Aaron: It is Tacos Morenos. The line still stretches down the block at lunchtime, standing room only...But consider this: We have friends who moved to Atlanta who had to buy their tortillas in a can!

  4. You know tacos, they come and they go.

    It seems like we should be able to get a great taco anywhere now---there are lots of Mexicans in Toronto...and Katie, aren't there like millions of Mexicans in NY?

    Sounds like a business opportunity to me. I've been planning on starting my own *real* taqueria for a long time. The name: "Alma's Soulfood" of course.