Friday, July 07, 2006

In the Time of SARS

Back in spring 2003 the SARS epidemic hit Toronto and the other places around the world. For a couple of weeks you could see some people wearing surgical masks on the subway and it was obvious that folks got antsy if they were crowded together in a confined space. And with good reason--44 people here in Toronto died from the mysterious disease. It was a little scary around here until it was determined that SARS was pretty much only being spread in hospitals.

I've forgotten why Wendy had to get the masks. It may have been during the time she worked in the addiction centre at St. Joseph's Hospital (which I guess would have been cause for concern). We took this picture to send out to family and friends just to show that we were doing ok and taking all the necessary precautions: Wendy wore the surgical mask when needed. I--obviously--was too cool to catch the disease.

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