Thursday, July 13, 2006

Atta Kim

If I were in New York, and say my daughter was away at summer camp or something, I would go see this show of the photography of Atta Kim at the International Center of Photography.

An article in the New York Times says, "although Mr. Kim is careful to assert that he is not a practicing Buddhist, core Buddhist concepts shape the new work. One is the notion that change, or transience, is the only concrete reality, and that time as a quantifiable, linear entity is a mirage. All time and no time are the same. A couple making love for an hour is a cloud of luminosity."

(That's the picture at the top. I don't think the lower picture is included in this show, but it's cool anyway.)

(P.S. In case anyone wondered and can't tell from the picture, those are little plastic Buddhas surrounding the little boy on the shore. Just in case you wondered.)

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  1. Wow! What a coincidence! I live in New York and MY daughter is away at summer camp! I think I WILL go see this show!